Sunday, 18 Feb 2018
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What are the different modes through which I can transfer money through you?
• Cash Over-the-Counter (COC)
• Credit to Bank A/C
• Wire Transfers

Most money transfers are paid in cash, in the local currency. Please note that modes of payment are also governed by the money transfer regulations of that particular country

Would the beneficiary get full payment in case of transfer done through TT/Wire Transfer
Generally there are correspondent bank charges that are deducted and full payment may not be possible. 
Do you charge commission on buying and selling of Foreign Currency notes
No. We do not charge any commission on buying of Foreign Currency notes and Travellers cheques and selling of foreign currency notes

Can you accept Vietnam currency?
We buy and sell about 50 currencies which are generally traded in the market. However sale of currency notes is subject to availability of stock

I have a bank account in a remote and small town in India. Can you arrange for the draft to be delivered to the bank?
It is possible to send the draft to the bank. However we would need to check if we have drawing arrangements with any banks in your town. If not, we may need to draw the instrument on the closest location near your town. In such cases, bank charges and delay in credit can be expected as your bank may need to send the bank cheque for clearing

Can you arrange to handover the bank draft locally?
We can arrange for the draft to be hand over locally

If I need to make a cash transfer, are there any restrictions?
Payout amounts and limits vary between countries depending on local regulations.
for example in India, payment in cash is restricted to INR 50000. Further the number of inward transfers in cash is restricted to 12 per annum. Similarly restrictions on the maximum payout in each country can be obtained from our office
How do I pay funds to Relianz Forex Ltd for transfers?
We accept payment by eftpos. Bank cheques, funds transfer to our bank account and by cash for small values of transfer
Can I pay by my personal Cheque
As a company policy, we do not accept personal cheques.  However we do accept bank cheques issued by New Zealand Banks and the transaction is processed on obtaining clear funds

Can I pay partially in Cash and the balance by bank cheque
We do accept cash generally not exceeding NZD 5000/- but however limits are in place based on location.  However we do have provision for payment by Eftpos or direct credit into our bank account. You could also pay us by a Bank Cheque from a NZ Bank favouring Relianz Forex Ltd

What happens if I don’t have an valid identification but intend to send money
As per our KYC policy, production of valid photo identification is a must. We strictly follow – NO identification, No Transaction policy

What are the charges for the service? How do they compare with similar services?

Charges vary according to the country from which money is being sent. But you can always be sure that our charges are competitive and reasonable for the excellent service we provide

What is considered as Valid Identification for receiving money?
New Zealand Driver’s License
Passport which is currently valid
Government ID with Photograph
However it is possible that you may be asked to provide proof of residence by way of utility bills, which may subject to our discretion.

Would the beneficiary get full payment in case of transfer done through TT/Wire Transfer
Generally there are correspondent bank charges that are deducted and full payment may not be possible

What do I do if there is a long delay in receipt of payment by beneficiary
The delay could be on account of various reasons including wrong account number, incorrect beneficiary name wrong bank details.  However, any delays brought to our attention will be promptly attended to and we shall have the same resolved at the earliest. It is also possible that charges may be incurred for reissue or resending the transaction which has to be borne by the remitter